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Product Information

Construction:           Biaxial Orientated Polypropylene
Main Application:    Single sided or double sided application; Easy application;                                                Protects against abrasion, moisture and constant surface                                                  contact.
Storage Conditions: Stored up to 25°C and up to 50% relative humidity in original                                           packaging.
Adhesive:                   12 ± microns Thermal Activated EVA Adhesive
Finish:                        Gloss
Core:                           1” (25mm), 3”(76mm)

Lamination Curing Time: Once the lamination is completed, it is recommended to lay the laminated print flat for 24 hours to allow the proper adhesive curing time prior to trimming.



Base Thickness:
                18 ± microns
Adhesive Thickness:         12 ± microns
Total Thickness:                30 ± microns


Standard Stock Sizes

Codes                                       Standard sizes                              Core

CB056                                      317mm x 300m                               25mm
CB054                                     320mm x 2000m                            76mm
CB055                                     450mm x 2000m                            76mm


Shipping Dimensions

Standard sizes                      Carton Size (cm)                    Carton Weight (kg)

317mm x 300m                     36(L) x 35(W) x 25 (H)                          16
320mm x 2000m                  110(L) x 16(W) x 16 (H)
450mm x 2000m                   49(L) x 32(W) x 32 (H)                        25


* OUTDOOR LIFE – Will vary depending on installation technique, location and relative position to the sun.

PLEASE NOTE – All information, recommendations and suggestions contained herein, without limitation, stated values (collectively the “information”) shall be used only as a guide by Purchaser and not for specification or any other purpose. The information does not constitute a warranty or guaranty of any type whatsoever. Purchase should independently determine the suitability of all material purchased and must confirm adaptability and other characteristics by conducting its own tests. ALC shall have no liability as a result of any loss, expense, damage, cost or other injury which results from Purchaser’s reliance on the information.


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