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Electro Power Trim Plus is the high-performance electric cutter, designed with the most advanced technological features and available in a wide range of cutting widths. The availability of sizes from 1.45 to 3.6 meters makes it the perfect complement to all operators of digital printing that operate super wide format inkjet printers.

  • Electro Power Trim Plus has a robust rotating blade cutting head in hardened steel, mounted on a square sliding bar on a reinforced cutting table.
  • The metal parts are painted with epoxy powders providing maximum resistance to cuts and scratches.
  • The standard version includes a stand for ground positioning with adjustable feet, a container for waste collection, adjustable guide and the lamp for lighting the cutting area.




Technical Specifications:

Product Code & Model Name: 

P932 – Electro Power Trim Plus 145 + Lamp & Stand
P933 – Electro Power Trim Plus 165 + Lamp & Stand
P937 – Electro Power Trim Plus 210 + Lamp & Stand
P938 – Electro Power Trim Plus 250 + Lamp & Stand
P942 – Electro Power Trim Plus 300 + Lamp & Stand
P943 – Electro Power Trim Plus 360 + Lamp & Stand

DATA SHEET               P932         P933           P937           P938         P942          P943

Max cutting thickness:      2.2 mm         2.2 mm          2.2 mm           2.2 mm         2.2 mm         2.2 mm
Cutting length:                   145 cm          165 cm           210 cm            250 cm        300 cm         360 cm
Length:                                193 cm          214 cm           259 cm           299 cm         349 cm         404 cm
Width:                                  50 cm           50 cm            50 cm             50 cm           50 cm           50 cm
Height with stand:             101 cm          101 cm            101 cm            101 cm          101 cm           101 cm
Height working table:        87 cm           87 cm              87 cm             87 cm            87 cm           87 cm


Power supply:                                                       230V/50Hz – 110V/60Hz (Standard 10 amp plug)





Optional Extra’s

  • Sheet Holder (in sizes up to 250)
  • Reel Holder
  • Fixed Bar

Warranty Parts Only

12 Months



* All Shipping Dimensions & weights are subject to change. Please confirm when ordering

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