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Welcome to the Shield heat assist Laminator Range

The Shield Laminator is fantastic for anyone in the car wrapping industry. This machine comes with a built-in compressor allowing users to achieve the exact required pressure for the car wrapping warranties. Don’t Guess. Make sure you know exactly the amount of pressure you’re applying with a pneumatic laminator.

Plug & Play The Shield laminators are equipped with an internal compressor. It’s enough to plug it, let the machine reach its temperature and start working.
Eco-friendly The air pressure system implies lower power consumption than the electric motors.
Self-adaptive the air pressure system with independent pistons adapts automatically to different thicknesses and to different materials often not completely flat. The rollers simply adapt to the media surface in real time.
Flexible it is possible to pre-define the pressure to be applied to each media. Once you have placed the material it is always possible to adjust the pressure.

These images are for illustration purposes only please contact your nearest dealer for further assistance.


Optional Extras

• Stop roll drop access
• Feet kit access
• Re-winder kit access
• Front roll kit access
• backroll kit access
• Film stretcher roll kit access
• Guide sheet access
• Vertical cut kit access
• Roll holder with clutch access
• Kit resistor

Technical Specifications:

Product Code & Model Name:                 SHIELD – Heat Assist Laminator
Top Roll Heat Assist:                                  U
p to 50°C
Laminating Speed:                                     Variable Speed up to (4m per min)
Maximum Laminating Width:                   1650mm
Maximum Mounting Thickness:               Opens up to 30mm
Power Supply:                                             AC 230v – 50Hz / 110v – 60Hz
Assembled Machine Dimensions (mm):  2200(L) x 780(D) x 1500(H)*
Assembled Machine Weight:                    183kg*


Shipping Dimensions*

Machine Shipping Weight (kg)                Machine Shipping Dimensions (mm)

                    305                                                 2320 (L) x 800 (W) x 1580 (H)



Warranty Parts Only

12 Months



*Please note: All Shipping Dimensions & weights are subject to change without notice.
These images are for illustration purposes only please contact your nearest dealer for further assistance.

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